What is Effective Dose?

  • Effective dose: definitions
  • Specified in Sv
  • Calculated using a complex equation1-5
  • Not measured directly for any individual
  • Includes exposures from
    • Ubiquitous, naturally occurring sources of radiation
    • Medical tests and procedures
    • Consumer products and activities involving radiation
    • Occupational exposures to workers
    • Miscellaneous sources
  • Includes doses from both external exposure and internal radionuclides
  • Estimates the risk that radiation will cause detrimental stochastic effects (primarily cancer incidence weighted for lethality and life impairment and to a lesser extent hereditary effects) in the reference population1-5
    • It does not estimate detriment due to deterministic effects (tissue reactions).
    • It is not appropriate to use effective dose to assess the radiation detriment to an individual or subsets of the US population with an age and gender distribution significantly different from the reference population.
  • Quantity developed by the International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP) in 19911 (and modified in 20072,5) for use in radiation protection but not individual patient management
  • REMM discusses effective dose to provide some context for interpretation of possible risks from radiation exposure in a radiation emergency.
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