Control Zone in the Emergency Department - Illustration
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Establishing Control Zone in the Emergency Department

Control Zone in the Emergency Department

Treatment Area Layout

  • The layout for the handling of a contaminated radiation accident victim should be established to control the spread of contamination by using standard precautions .
  • Control of individuals and materials going into the area.
  • Control and survey of materials and personnel coming out of the area.
  • Use appropriate steps to prevent the spread of contamination (e.g., monitor gloves and change as necessary, monitor shoes when leaving, etc.).
  • Monitoring of the patient and the trauma room to detect, control and remove contamination.
  • Contaminated waste water need not be contained if it will unduly complicate the treatment of the patient or it is otherwise determined to be impractical. Release of waste water can be justified in almost all situations.

Adapted from presentation "Emergency Department Management of Radiation Emergencies" (PowerPoint® - 1006 KB) (Health Physics Society (HPS), October 5, 2004)

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