Level of Risk to First Responders in a Radiation Emergency

  • First Responders cannot be assured of a limited role or limited level of risk in widespread mass casualty incidents
  • Level of risk to first responders in a radiation emergency is based on:
  • Each community should decide in advance on an acceptable level of risk to locally-based first responders by determining if first responders will be expected to make entry into contaminated areas to:
    • Initiate/facilitate rapid victim triage and/or life- and limb-saving measures
    • Administer time-sensitive antidotes
    • Decontaminate victims
  • Various state and federal government agencies and radiation control programs (e.g., IAEA , NCRP , CRCPD) have addressed level of risk to responders in radiation emergencies by proposing
  • See all REMM information about Radiation Emergency Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

OSHA Best Practices for Protecting EMS Responders during Treatment and Transport of Victims of Hazardous Substance Releases (PDF - 1.46 MB) (OSHA 2009)


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