OSHA/NIOSH Interim Guidance - August 30, 2004* -
Notes on PPE Selection Matrix for Emergency Responders:
Radiological Dispersal Device (RDD)

  • Technical advice and information for incident commanders regarding personal protective equipment (PPE) specifically for Radiological Dispersal Device event response
PPE Type Recommended Equipment Protection offered Guidance & Caveats
Dermal Bunker gear (aka fire fighter "turn out" gear) Protects against internal and external contamination Cannot prevent external radiation exposure from high energy, highly penetrating ionizing radiation

Personal radiation dosimeter should be included as part of personal protective equipment (PPE) to track total time of exposure to penetrating ionizing radiation (e.g., gamma)
Respiratory NIOSH-certified CBRN self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) SCBA provides the highest level of respiratory protection Incident commanders may permit the use of other NIOSH-approved respirators when NIOSH-certified CBRN respiratory protection not available

Environmental sampling data may allow downgrade or removal of respiratory protection
NIOSH-certified CBRN powered air-purifying respirators (PAPRs)

NIOSH-certified CBRN air-purifying respirators (APRs)
PAPRs and APRs with P-100 or HEPA filter
  • Provide minimum acceptable level of respiratory protection
  • Protect against inhalation of radioactive particulates only
  • Do not protect against biological or chemical agents

*OSHA/NIOSH Interim Guidance - August 30, 2004. Chemical - Biological - Radiological - Nuclear (CBRN) Personal Protective Equipment Selection Matrix for Emergency Responders: Radiological Dispersal Device (RDD) (OSHA, HHS/CDC/NIOSH)


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