Suggested Triage Categories After a
Nuclear Detonation When Resources Are Limited

Triage CategoryDescription
First group to be treated.
Based on trauma/burn, radiation, or combined injury.
Treated after those in immediate category.
Based on trauma/burn, radiation, or combined injury.
Limited treatment needed AND time to treatment may be delayed safely.
Minimal B
(0.5-2 Gy, estimated radiation dose)
Minimal physical or no injury plus some radiation.

If radiation suspected in this dose range, consider biodosimetry and clinical reassessments, especially at high end of this dose range (close to 2 Gy).*
Minimal A
(<0.5 Gy, estimated radiation dose)
Minimal or no injury plus possibly some radiation.

Those with physical radiation dose estimates based on location below 0.5 Gy need not receive early (or possibly any) medical evaluation.**
Palliative (symptom management) care only.

* Although not formally discussed in this Project, long term registries of victims and responders will likely include this range and above.
** A low dose limit is included so that resources will be focused on victims with risk for acute toxicity (ARS) and not on concerned citizens with little or no exposure. (Further epidemiological evaluation may be considered later).