About the REMM Dose Estimator for Exposure/Credits

  • Who developed the algorithms for this dose estimator tool?
    • The vomiting tool and the lymphocyte depletion kinetics tools use algorithms that were developed by AFRRI for their Biodosimetry Assessment Tool (BAT) computer program.
      • BAT was originally designed to provide diagnostic information to Federal health care providers responsible for managing radiation casualties.
      • The REMM Dose Estimator for Exposure includes only parts of the much larger BAT tool.
      • Permission to use components of the BAT program on REMM was graciously provided by the Department of Defense and AFRRI.
      • Publications about the AFRRI BAT program
  • The REMM Dose Estimator for Exposure assumes the following about a victim
    • Radiation exposure to the whole body or a major portion of the body
    • Radiation exposure during one incident over a "short" period of time (minutes to hours), as with a radiation accident or terrorist event
    • Radiation exposure is from photons and/or neutrons.
  • What should you do when multiple clinical tools generate conflicting dose estimates?
    • Use the highest whole body dose estimate to plan treatment initially.
    • Consider both dose assessment (biodosimetry) and clinical assessments to manage patients.
    • At regular intervals
    • Modify clinical management as additional information becomes available.
    • Before using any of the tools provided in the REMM Dose Estimator for Exposure, clinicians should read the "Warning: Caution and Limitation" statements.
  • Many other biodosimetry tools are available.

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