References for METREPOL: MEdical TREatment ProtocOLs for Radiation Accident Victims

This interactive tool is based on METREPOL guidance provided in the following references.

  1. Triage, Monitoring and Treatment of people exposed to ionising radiation following a malevolent act, (PDF - 11 MB) (Chapter J, Table J8) (TMT Handbook Partners, March 2009)
  2. Fliedner TM, Friesecke I, Beyrer K. Medical Management of Radiation Accidents: Manual on the Acute Radiation Syndrome. (METREPOL) (PDF - 970 KB) (originally published by Oxford: British Institute of Radiology; 2001) Compendium to the main METREPOL document (PDF - 580 KB)
  3. Gorin NC, Fliedner TM, Gourmelon P, Ganser A, Meineke V, Sirohi B, Powles R, Apperley J. Consensus conference on European preparedness for haematological and other medical management of mass radiation accidents. Ann Hematol. 2006 Oct;85(10):671-9. [PubMed Citation]
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