Exposure + Contamination (Text Version)

Management Modifiers

  1. Assess External Contamination
  2. Decontaminate Whole Body
  3. Evaluate if All Are True
  4. If All Are True:
  5. Otherwise: Evaluate at Medical Facility
    • Treat life- or limb-threatening injuries first
    • Obtain serial CBCs with differential to evaluate possibility of exposure and ARS
    • Remove any remaining radioactive shrapnel and shield it safely
    • Surgical window of about 36-48 hours, depends on rate of dropping blood counts
    • Treat non-life-threatening problems
  6. Assess Internal Contamination
  7. Treat Internal Contamination of Specific Isotope
  8. Diagnose/Manage Exposure - Acute Radiation Syndrome
  9. For Deceased
  10. For Survivors