Installing REMM on a Mac

  1. To download all the REMM files to your desktop, click the download button below. The REMM application requires at least 301 MB of space.
    (Do not double click the Download button.)
    Save the REMM_Install.dmg file to your desktop.

    Save REMM dmg file on Mac

  2. Double click on the REMM_Install.dmg file that has just been downloaded. It might take a few seconds for this icon to appear because of the large size of the file, (at least 301 MB). In the example shown, the file will be downloaded to your Desktop.

    The downloaded file icon will look similar to this.
    New icon of REMM_Install.dmg file appears on desktop

  3. Open the Mac's Finder window, and in the list, look for the Locations section.
    Click on REMM_Install icon, which will open another Finder window.
    (This REMM_Install icon could also be on your Desktop. On your Desktop it would look similar to graphic below.)
    Double click on REMM_Install to open a Finder window.

  4. In the window that opens, drag and drop the REMM folder into the "Applications" folder as shown.
    Drag and drop the REMM folder into Applications
    You might be prompted to authenticate the installation by entering in your administrator password. REMM is now installed on your machine.

  5. To launch REMM on your Mac, open the REMM folder located in the Applications folder and double click "Start_REMM.htm".
    Launch REMM by opening the REMM folder in the Applications folder

  6. Click on “Open REMM home page” in the new window that just opened.

  7. You can safely eject the REMM_Install and delete REMM_Install.dmg files if you wish to.