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Books about radiation medical response

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Handbooks about radiation medical response

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Pamphlets & pocket guides about radiation medical response





  • Emergency Response Guidebook (ERG), 2020 (USDOT/Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration)
    • Provides first responders with a go-to manual to help deal with hazmat transportation accidents (including radiation) during the critical first 30 minutes.
    • ERG Handbook in PDF format (PDF - 3.33 MB)
      • Hazard Classification System (9 classes)
        • Radioactive materials (Class 7), see page 6
      • Table of Hazard Markings, Labels and Placards
        • Graphics library of hazardous material types: see pages 7-9
        • Radiation placards numbers: see page 9
      • Hazard Identification (ID) Numbers:
        • Library of ID numbers: see pages 18-21
        • Radiation hazard numbers: 70,768, 78; see page 21
      • Radioactive Materials Information library
        • Radioactive Materials: see pages 258-269
      • ERG Mobile App is available
      • Supplementary app: CBRN
        • App developed in partnership between the Vermont Department of Health, Saint Michael's College Department of Public Safety and Saint Michael's College Fire and Rescue.
        • Designed to supplement the US DOT Emergency Response Guide (ERG), but not replace it. Full ERG download
        • Includes excellent resources for initial first responders on scene who suspect a potential Radiological /Nuclear emergency incident
        • Link to initial activities video listed in the "Table of Contents" as "Radiological and Nuclear" (video 2:09)
        • Links to R/N training videos and documents listed in the "Table of Contents" page on page labeled "Training Videos/Docs"
        • Downloadable in Apple store with search for "CBRN"


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