Download REMM to Your iPad

Key Info

  • You will be downloading all of the REMM web site files onto your iPad. This is not an app and it is NOT available in the app store.
    • (Do not confuse this with  the  Mobile REMM application on the app store that has a subset of all the information provided by this zip file. The zip file size for this download is 148 MB, and the instructions here do NOT apply to downloading the official Mobile REMM app.)
  • You will need to acquire additional software for the iPad to download REMM files to your iPad and be able to use them.
  • This software will be needed to:
    • Download and unzip the " file"
    • Open html files
    • Open and read PDF files
  • GoodReader is one of several apps that does all of these things. No preferential endorsement of this particular app is implied, but the REMM download has been tested with this app. Purchase is required.
  • If you have downloaded an earlier version of REMM to your iPad, you should delete all older REMM files BEFORE you download the new version.
    • Open GoodReader to the menu page
    • In the left column, select Downloads
    • In the Downloads section, select each row or folder associated with REMM. Then tap delete on the bottom.
      screen capture of iPad, downloading and deleting the older version


  • Open GoodReader on your iPad. (See comments about the GoodReader app above.)
  • Select Connect on the bottom panel
    Connect inside GoodReader
  • In the new popup that appears, select Enter URL
  • Enter the URL
    Note: The final letters REMM must be capitalized.
    Enter URL to get
  • Press Download
  • You can watch the progress of the download in the Active Downloads section. Depending on your Internet download speed, it may take a while for the large zip file to finish downloading.
  • Exit out of the popup and select Downloads in the left column
    Unzip REMM zip file
  • Click on the file, select Unzip in the prompt.
  • If "Unarchiving" is successful, a new blue folder in the left column named REMM will appear.
  • Tap the blue folder named REMM.
    After unzip, REMM folder appearing in the Downloads folder
  • Tap the file named Start_REMM.htm.
    Click on Start REMM
  • NOTE: GoodReader auto-hides bars so you might not see the header of the files. In the bottom left corner of your screen there is a small slide-out menu to let you edit this preference
  • Tap the link Open REMM home page.
    Screen capture showing the slide out menu
  • This should open the REMM web site on your iPad.
  • If your iPad is connected to the web, all the links to pages inside AND outside REMM WILL display successfully.
    If you iPad is NOT connected to the web, all the internal links to other REMM pages WILL work, but all the links to pages or sites outside REMM will NOT work.
  • Whenever you want to open REMM, open the GoodReader app first. On the LEFT panel, in My Documents > Downloads, open the blue folder REMM, then tap the file named Start_REMM.htm, then tap the link Open REMM home page.

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