REMM 2010 Updates

May, 2010
  1. Mobile REMM as a free iPhone/iPod touch App
  2. Videos:
    1. Video: Emergency Response to a Transportation Accident Involving Radioactive Material (YouTube - 18:10 minutes) (DHS/FEMA, DOE/TEPP) Watch video
    2. Video: Pre-Hospital Practices for Handling a Radiologically Contaminated Patient (YouTube - 11:53 minutes) (DHS/FEMA, DOE/TEPP) Watch video
    3. Modeling Physical and Injury Impacts of an Improvised Nuclear Device Explosion in Cities Watch video
      (from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)
  3. New animations/illustrations
    1. Radiation Contamination (5 animations)
    2. Radiation Exposure (2 animations)
    3. Radiological Dispersal Device: Explosive
    4. Radiological Dispersal Device: Non-explosive
    5. Radiological Exposure Device: Hidden Sealed Source
    6. Factors that Decrease Radiation from Exposure: Time, Distance, Shielding
    7. Simulated Radiological Exposure Device (RED) on Skin Illustrating Dose Attenuation
  4. Download select REMM files to mobile devices:
    1. Updated REMM files for download to BlackBerry, Palm, and Windows Mobile devices
  5. Software tools:
    1. Tool for estimating assigned share (probability of cancer causation) for exposures to radiation
      (from the Interactive RadioEpidemiological Program HHS/NIH/NCI)
  6. Other updates:
    1. Management algorithms: new content Patient Management Algorithms
    2. Management Modifiers on all Management Algorithms: new content
    3. Responding to an RDD / RED Emergency: the HHS Playbook (HHS, April 2010)
      Provides guidance for executive decision makers within the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) in the event of an actual radiological terrorist attack in a U.S. city
    4. Radiation detection devices:
      new content and illustrations
    5. How to survey for external contamination:
      new content
    6. Sources of ionizing radiation exposure to the US general public:
      new content
    7. Managing the Deceased:
      new references
    8. Radiation Safety and Protection:
      new references and page organization
    9. Prussian Blue:
      new dose information
    10. Using radioactivity measured in nasal swabs to estimate inhaled dose:
      new guidance for mass casualty emergencies
    11. Population Monitoring:
      new content, links, and page organization
    12. Use of radiation detection, measuring, and imaging instruments to assess internal contamination from inhaled radionuclides (from HHS/CDC/RSB)
    13. REMM dictionary:
      new terms added
    14. Training and Education:
      see Miscellaneous section for new listings
  7. Awards for REMM web site
Coming soon: updates for REMM
  1. New design and architecture for REMM web site
  2. Enhancement of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) information
  3. Revised medical guidance based on NCRP Report No. 161 "Management of Persons Contaminated with Radionuclides: Handbook" (2009)
  4. Enhancement of Nuclear Explosions page
  5. Enhancement of Population Monitoring page
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