What's New on REMM?

September, 2015

REMM Website Redesign
  1. HHS News Release Announcement (HHS/ASPR)
  2. YouTube Video Introducing the REMM Website (YouTube - 2:03 minutes) Watch video

Significant content updates have been added to the Web site including:
  1. New references and on most of the Emergencies Incidents pages
  2. New references in the Key Guidance Documents section
  3. Information about the March 2015 FDA-approval of filgrastim for the indication of radiation-induced myelosuppression
  4. New section describing Selection of Radiation Detection Systems
  5. New listings in the Training and Education page
  6. New references on the Recovery and Resilience page
  7. New information on the Other Audiences pages for Legal Advisors, Senior Leaders, First Responders, Veterinarians, Public Information Officers and Others
  8. New references in the very large Biodosimetry Library
  9. Major revisions to the Dose Reconstruction page
  10. Major revisions to the Data Collection page
  11. Update to the Monitoring Drinking Water and Milk page
  12. Updates to the Use of Blood Products page
  13. Update to the Stem Cell Transplant page
  14. Additions to the page of REMM consultants
  15. REMM has a new email update notification system by GovDelivery. If you are a REMM Listserv subscriber, you don't need to do anything. You were automatically moved to the new system.

And many other updates and revisions

What's new on Mobile REMM, August 2015, App Version 2.0.2?

  • New information from the FDA about countermeasure newly approved for radiation-induced myelosuppression

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