What's New on REMM?

November, 2014

  • Key changes are noted below.
  • Many more updates and changes appear throughout REMM.
  1. Initial Actions for Responders after Nuclear Detonation
  2. Multimedia: many new videos and graphics including
    • 13 new teaching videos from DOE / Transportation Emergency Preparedness Program (TEPP); all videos now on the REMM web site AND REMM YouTube channel
      • Basic information about radiation
      • Response activities when caring for a patient contaminated with radiation
      • Shipping radioactive materials
      • Special DOE programs for shipping radioactive materials.
    • Links to various new CDC teaching materials
  3. Protective Actions and Protective Action Guides: page redone
    • Information and tables completely re-organized
    • EPA PAG Manual Interim Guidance included
  4. Burn Triage and Treatment: Thermal Injuries
  5. Legal Advisors for Medical Response to Mass Casualty Incident: new references and 2 new sections including
    • Assessment of state and local laws regarding management of persons during radiation incidents including legal authority to decontaminate and quarantine (CDC and partners)
    • Emergency declaration authorities across all states and DC (The Network for Public Health Law)
  6. Nuclear Detonation: Weapons, Improvised Nuclear Devices
  7. Dictionary of Radiation Terms: 2 new key references
    • NCRP glossary of radiation terms
    • NCRP acronyms list
  8. Biodosimetry References:
    • Updated and re-organized
  9. Software Tools for Radiation Incident Response:
    • Additional applications listed for biodosimetry, managing incidents, and recording radiation levels.
  10. Incident Command System and Hospital (Emergency) Incident Command System
    • Page reorganized, new guidance
    • Links to HICS, Fifth edition, 2014: expanded to meet the needs of all hospitals, regardless of their size, location or patient care capabilities (California EMSA)
  11. Mental Health Professionals

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