What's New on REMM and the Mobile REMM App?

August 2021

The REMM Team is announcing that all the URLs for the entire Radiation Emergency Medical Management (REMM) web site have changed as of 8/17/21 because of changes in contractual agreements. All issues related to that are noted below.

  1. The new REMM home page is https://www.remm.hhs.gov. Note the change in the URL is that “hhs” (US Department of Health and Human Services) replaces “nlm” (NIH/National Library of Medicine). Please update any bookmarks you have for any REMM pages. No significant content changes have been made since June 2021, when the last update occurred. If you access the REMM version from the NLM legacy site, you will be redirected to the new REMM URLs from HHS.

  2. For those of you who download REMM to your computer, there are new zip files that reflect the transition. The new zip file links are on these REMM pages for Mac, iPad, and Windows computers.

  3. It is important that you first delete the previously downloaded version of REMM you have on your computer and then update with the new REMM zip files. Links for the zip file updates can be found on these pages.

  4. REMM continues to reference all previous REMM content updates on the REMM What’s New on REMM page, except for the June 2021 content update, which occurred during the transition: https://remm.hhs.gov/whatsnew.htm.

  5. The REMM Team has created new versions of the Mobile REMM app (both iOS and Android) for this transition. These links can be found on these two REMM pages. Please update the version you have on your phone.

Mobile REMM

  • An updated Mobile REMM is now available on both iOS and Android platform. To get the updated content, go to Download Mobile REMM.

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