What's New on REMM and the Mobile REMM App?

February 2021

A summary of the key changes to the REMM web site is listed below, but there are many others that are not listed, especially single references to new publications.

  1. Many new publications are cited on the “Crisis Standards of Care” page, reflecting lessons learned from the COVID-19 response that are potentially relevant to radiation mass casualty incidents. Also, included is a table which reflects NCRP’s suggestions for managing worker dosimetry when device supplies are constrained.
  2. Update to the Myeloid Cytokines page to include new information about romoplostim (NPlate®), a thrombopoietin receptor agonist, which was approved by the FDA in January 2021 for the treatment of the hematopoietic subsyndrome of ARS. Since 2008, this drug has been approved for the treatment of various platelet disorders. A collection of basic research about using platelet cytokines for H-ARS is also provided.
  3. The Veterinarian/Pet Owners page now includes links to veterinary team training options for radiological and other emergencies, including a video about the complexities of managing companion animal decontamination during a small radiologic emergency.
  4. Updates to the Biodosimetry pages reflecting research updates about partial body radiation, new biodosimetry techniques as well as non-traditional methods of retrospective radiation dosimetry.
  5. Updates to the Cutaneous Radiation Injury page reflect new basic research and clinical treatment findings.
  6. The Public Information Officers page has new links to suggested, pre-scripted radiation emergency messages and info graphics as well as broad government communication systems available during major incidents.
  7. Link to the new CDC CRC SimPLER (Community Reception Center Simulation Program for Leveraging and Evaluating Resources) tool which helps state and local planners establish community reception centers
  8. Updated links on the Understanding Radiation page about the amount and sources of annual radiation received by the US population.
  9. Inclusion of links to new IAEA documents about radiation emergencies
  10. Inclusions of new WHO documents about major national emergencies, not necessarily about radiation
  11. The Planners’ page reflects updated US government resources about systems for managing national emergencies.
  12. Update to the list of Radiation Injury Treatment Network (RITN) resources providing guidance about treatment of ARS, especially guidelines for using myeloid cytokines during mass casualty radiation emergencies
  13. Updates to the Training page with new links to online and offline training, especially those from FEMA
  14. Update to the Use of Blood Products page, including new options for treatment of GVH.
  15. The Fatality Management page now includes a link to a 2020 NASEM monograph about assessing mortality and morbidity after large scale disasters.
  16. The Senior Leaders page now includes link about Emergency Declaration Authorities across all states and DC.
  17. Updates to the Mental Health page has updated link to resources that help health care providers
  18. Update to the PPE page, with new information about masks

Mobile REMM

  • An updated Mobile REMM is now available on both iOS and Android platform. To get the updated content, go to Download Mobile REMM.

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